Face to Face Counselling

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Meeting with me in my counselling room, allows us to connect and build rapport. There is tremendous power in a face-to-face meeting As it allows me the opportunity to notice everything that is happening in the room and in the space we share. This enables me to use all my senses to see, feel and understand what is truly going on for you. By listening attentively and patiently I can begin to perceive the difficulties from your point of view and can help you to see things more clearly, possible from a different perspective.

My areas of speciality

  • Telephone or Online Counselling

    Telephone Counselling enables you to get the help you need, no matter where you are if meeting face-to-face is not possible.

  • Relationship Counselling

    Relationships are central to our existence but sometimes can be challenging and complicated.

  • Depression

    Depression is a medical condition that affects the way you think, feel and behave. This often results in feeling unhappy, demotivated, loss of sleep, loss of appetite and a general sense of feeling lost.

  • Low Confidence and Self Esteem

    Confidence is a way of being, a particular sense of certainty an individual has about themselves and their capabilities and healthy Self-esteem is having confidence in your own abilities, self-respect, and self-worth.

  • Bereavement/Loss

    Has the death of a loved one; family member, friend, colleague or pet, affected you in ways you didn’t expect?

  • Coaching

    There are times when in life we just need a nudge or the motivation to get up and do what we have been procrastinating in doing. ​

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