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Relationships are central to our existence but sometimes can be challenging and complicated. Counselling can help you explore what works, what doesn’t, why and what to do about it as a couple. I can help you determine what is right for your relationship.

Know your relationship is at it’s end? Let me help you both separate amicably and respectfully.  Negotiation involving children, property, pets etc. is easier if the emotional aspects of a breakup are explored and the respect re-established.  The new lives you will both have will be smoother if you can understand and agree the boundaries, recognise the needs of others and be able to verbalise your own needs, especially before any legal teams become involved.  Together you will both be able to take control of your separation.

  • Do you feel like no matter what you do, it’s not enough?
  • Do you feel drained and tired?
  • Do you find yourself getting triggered at the slightest of things?
  • Do you feel your partner just does not understand you?
  • Do you question whether you are meant to be?

Relationships come in many forms and sometimes it may feel like its difficult to overcome the challenges we encounter. Often, we find it easier to avoid those situations that make us uncomfortable, even though the unresolved issue causes us additional pain.

Finding the answers to help you resolve your relationship problems means you will also get a greater understanding of yourself. This can equip you to deal with the situation in a healthier way, making you feel good, not stressed or burnout from trying to fix the problem or running away from it. 

Working on and exploring your relationship may seem scary, but I can assure you that once you understand the patterns and defence systems which have become entrenched in your life you will be able to look at solutions to resolve them, be able to communicate with your partner more easily and prevent the recurring behaviour that causes so much pain.

My areas of speciality

  • Telephone or Online Counselling

    Telephone Counselling enables you to get the help you need, no matter where you are if meeting face-to-face is not possible.

  • Relationship Counselling

    Relationships are central to our existence but sometimes can be challenging and complicated.

  • Depression

    Depression is a medical condition that affects the way you think, feel and behave. This often results in feeling unhappy, demotivated, loss of sleep, loss of appetite and a general sense of feeling lost.

  • Low Confidence and Self Esteem

    Confidence is a way of being, a particular sense of certainty an individual has about themselves and their capabilities and healthy Self-esteem is having confidence in your own abilities, self-respect, and self-worth.

  • Bereavement/Loss

    Has the death of a loved one; family member, friend, colleague or pet, affected you in ways you didn’t expect?

  • Coaching

    There are times when in life we just need a nudge or the motivation to get up and do what we have been procrastinating in doing. ​

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