Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How long does each session last?

Both counselling and coaching sessions last 60 minutes and tend to be weekly or fortnightly. Some clients can, if they prefer, book a longer session after the initial appointment. This is normally the case if there is an issue a client wants to intensely  explore.

Question: What is your cancellation policy?

Please give 24 hours’ notice if you cannot attend the appointment so I can allocate it to others.

Question: I'm really unsure and nervous about therapy.

I do understand that starting therapy can be daunting. However, your nerves will settle after the first session and I try my utmost to make it as comfortable as possible.

Question: What Payment methods do you accept? 

Payment can be cash paid at the beginning of each session, or by electronic transfer prior to each session. Please ask for my bank details if this is your preferred method of payment. I am sorry, I do not have facilities to accept card payment and there are no cash withdrawal points in the village.

Question: What is your availability?

I have appointments available Monday Thursday 9am-8pm. My appointments slots are subject to availability. 

Question: What is the difference between coaching and counselling with you?

Counselling is a talking therapy, one where you are in total control of what happens in the therapy room with support from me. It is often about processing the unprocessed; a time to fine tune what is happening in your life. We work collaboratively and work towards your goals at your pace.

Coaching is what it says, we explore together what it is your wanting to change, achieve, or do and we work out a plan how to get there. I coach you by guiding and encouraging you with my background knowledge of psychological barriers/defences and help you push past them in order to achieve your goal with input from me. You may only require fewer sessions in order to achieve your goals and the appointments do not need to be weekly.


Question: Is there parking on site? 

I work from my practice in my home and there is adequate free parking either on my driveway at the side of the house or in a lay by opposite.

Question: Will I be doing all the talking?

It depends on what we're working on. In some cases, you may find you want to talk more. At other times I may give you more input. We will figure it out together. 

Question: How long is therapy for?

This partly depends on you and partly on the therapy your having for the presenting problem. There is upper or lower limit on the number of sessions you will have, and the timescale is to suit you. My aim is to help you get to where you want to be as quickly as is right for you.

Question: What can I expect on my first session?

The purpose of the first session is an opportunity for you and I know to get to know each other better. I would like to hear what has brought you to counselling and to begin to understand you and the challenges you are facing, it's important that I get an insight into your past. Depending on my observations and with the knowledge I have, I can tailor an approach that's best suited to your needs

What you bring to the therapy room is precious; as you are bringing your vulnerabilities to me and all that is you. The trust you put in me is honored and everything we talk about is treated with the utmost confidence and respect. As confidentiality and trust is important in the counselling relationship, I will explain this in detail and answer any questions you may have, just so you can be assured what you say in sessions is safe and secure. I will also explain other aspects such as cancellation policy, what you can expect from me and how to help yourself get the most from counselling.

It's really important to have a relationship with a therapist that you feel safe with, in order to share your story in an environment of trust. How we feel during and after this first session, allows us to decide whether we are right for each other and determine how effective our work could be together.