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I am feeling very prolific this week, very motivated to look at life, the world and what inspires me. Those who don’t know me, hypnotherapy is very very near the top of the list, alongside counselling, my family and friends. (not sure if this is in the correct order, but I am sure family and friends will tell me!)

I am often asked about the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and sometimes give the general reply as ‘ it can help anything and everything’, which I do believe it can.  However, a detailed and a more relevant resp0nse is to look at one of these many benefits, which is the use of hypnosis on the memory.

Many people use hypnosis as a form of therapy, to help them overcome roadblocks and to help promote change at the subconscious level but one of the common uses of hypnosis is to change negative memory associations. Negative memory associations can include just about anything, including phobias and fears, but whatever it is, can have a major impact on people’s well-being and can prevent them from reaching their goals in life, business and pleasure.

Changing negative memory associations into positive associations can dramatically change a person’s life. The result of using hypnosis is a healthier perspective on life. Changing a negative association with a memory can have a profound positive effect on people’s life and causes a shift in perceptual predisposition.

Hypnosis can enhance recall in the following way. The induction and deepening are given to the participant; immediately following this, the participant becomes more suggestible. They are now able to access subconscious thoughts instead of just conscious thoughts.  The advantage to this method is that it helps the participant access the actual memory. This occurs due to lack of cognitive interference and increased ability to visualize.

Further research studies show that hypnosis, when used properly, can positively affect memories. Whether someone has negative memory associations or if they are recalling serious past events, hypnosis can help memory. This can have major implications on a person’s well-being.

Positive thoughts and love to all

Diane xx




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