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Simple pleasures.


I thought I would share part of my holiday with you.  I am away with my wonderful grandson for a few days, and enjoying the simple pleasures only children can bring.

Walking along the beach, picking up pebbles and ‘special stones’ to take back to the cottage, answering all the questions that bubble of his active and creative mind.  Thinking, literally, out of the box, and having permission to do so.

Running into the icy cold sea which the East Coast brings, marvelling how children do not look for the cold, so do not feel it, just enjoy the thrill and exhilaration the sea brings.

Playing table tennis, by the rules which do not make sense to anyone except the grandchild!

I love not having to be logical; he teaches me so much every day I am with him.  Just letting go, it is bliss, and I am blessed with the uncomplicated things in my life, but it takes my grandchild to show me these things again.

He makes me Find the Fun.

A bag of apples,

A pot of homemade jam,

A scribbled note,

A bunch of golden flowers,

A coloured pebble,

A box of seedlings,

An empty scent bottle for the children….

Who needs diamonds, designers and van-delivered bouquets?


Hope you can Find your Fun!

Much Love from Filey.

Diane xx


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