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Negative Thoughts

I have been finding some negative thoughts creeping into my mind of late.

Silly, little, quiet thoughts, which seem to emerge from the back of my head, move forward and get bigger and louder as they approach my frontal area, when they take over, keep me awake at night and really get into my life.  I am not having any of this again, so when I hear the whispers, at the back of my head, I now take action, positive action, to shut them up.

However, of late, these whispers have been getting a bit too loud for my liking, so what have I done?  Not a lot really, this is why they are now getting to affect my mood.  You, or anyone, would not know that now, I am very good at covering them up, I have had plenty of practice, but the time is here to take BIG ACTION!  So what am I doing and is it working?

Negatvie Thoughts – how to remove them

Smile – I love smiling, I like to see others smile and when I smile, they smile back! Always.  (I just love to see children give that big, total eye and ear laughing, unconscious smile).

Of late, though, this has been missing, so I go to the mirror and make myself smile!  It looks silly, false, but smile I do and do you know what? It makes me laugh, LOL, (as is the modern way), but I cannot help it. Making myself smile in the mirror makes me feel good, light and well, laughing!

Do not play victim – if you feel stuck, sad, and miserable or whatever, look inside yourself and change your thoughts.  As I read recently ‘you are not a tree so move!’ I do, literally, and metaphorically, I step to one side, get out of the negative pathway, and reframe my thoughts.  Just turn them to one side a bit, or turn them around, but somehow, change the focus from ‘what if’ or ‘perhaps’ to      ‘I will…’ ‘I can…’ ‘I am…’  I have then taken responsibility, I am the reason I feel as I do, I am the reason I am feeling negative, no one else, I CHOOSE TO FEEL OR THINK THIS WAY, so change it!

Impossible? =  I’m possible!     Think about it.

Sing, aloud – I know!  The very thought of it, but how can you feel negative if you sing a lovely lively song.  Even a nursery rhyme, a pop song, anything.  You do not even have to know the words, as no one is hearing you or if they are and they do not like it tough.  Treat it as a medicine it may not taste nice at first, but you get used to it and it works if you take it enough. You will feel so much better, promise!

Dance – Yes, dance around the room, kitchen, garden anywhere, perhaps when you are singing.  It is  the movement that sets those endorphins off, and with the singing – well it is fantastic.  Again, who knows, just give it a good go and be prepared to feel surprised.

A good while ago, I was going through a very bad patch in life and found my dancing lessons – tap, jazz etc., helped so much.  For one thing, I could not think of anything else as I had to concentrate, but also the endorphin thingies must have been giving me a good dose each week.

Breathe – well we all need to do it, even to think negatively, but if we really breathe, slow, measured, relaxed and quietly.  In addition, whilst doing this quieten our thoughts, even to the point of elimination, you will feel so empowered, so lightened, and so much more positive.  It takes a lot of practice, dedication and commitment, and I do think this is called meditation, or mindfulness, or relaxation, or whatever, as long as it works for you.

So, here are just a few of the ditties I have used to change my negative thoughts/feelings into positive/neutral thoughts.  Hope some or all work for you, if you need them.

What do you do, please share; we can all do with help at some time in our lives and worlds lets eliminate or at least control, these

negative thoughts.

Love to all, always

Diane xxx


  1. Claire says:

    I was suffering from extreme anxiety, so much so, I was experiencing physical pain. I had several hypnotherapy sessions from Diane and I am now able to get on with my life without this fear. Diane is an amazing therapist, I wouldn’t be so confident now if it wasn’t for her help.

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