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New Year, New Ventures!

Hi there,

I must be one of the last to wish you all a Happy New Year; always late, never never!  I mean it with real passion and feeling though, so I don’t just wish it for you I direct you to order it, and that, my dear readers, is very much down to you to deliver.  So a bit like the post man who only delivers what is ordered and actioned, he cannot be blamed if someone put the wrong letter in the right envolope can he?  Life is down to us to organise, action and deliver so we can have a very happy new and continuing year.

The blog I posted recently, about the new venture at Wellbeing Centre, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton,(used to be the Talbot Pub, just past the Arkash),  has now been made into an action! I started yesterday (I do Thursdays at the moment), with 3 new clients (thank you Universe), and already have had more enquiries.  It is such a lovely atmosphere in this building, I don’t know what calming, relaxing and happy substance they put in the plaster but it is eminating into everyone there; I know it will be fun and uplifting to work there, and so this will be felt by the clients too!  I do feel this is the boomerang case of Law of Attraction; you get back what you give out.

Talking of Laws of the Universe, I am undertaking some new learning (not more, I can hear my family say! Will you never stop?  (no I wont)) and will be more than happy to share this with you in the very near future, because it is for you, dear public, and I will happily share whatever I can with all of you, if you are willing to absorb and use it.  I am studying the 7 Universal Laws, which expand and compliment the LOA, and along side this I will be moving onton the further a 5 supplimentry Laws as well.  So much, and so exciting!

Oh, and more news (it just keeps on coming), I am on the verge, on the cusp, of gaining approval to become a training school! Little me, a training centre, un be liev able! but true.  I am just tweeking things (when I have a minute) and hoping the CPCAB (counselling body) will approve me 100% to teach listening and counselling skills.  Of course I will keep you posted and updated via blog and Facebook and my website.

have a fantastic weekend

love and positive stuffy

Diane xx

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