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Come in. Sit down, lets get to know each other.

Hello, welcome.

Please come in, do sit down, make yourself comfortable; no not there, unless you want to be counselled or hypnotised, and that may cost you good money!  That’s right, in the comfortable chair.

Cup of tea?  Coffee, something stronger!  Perhaps not today,

I want you to feel at ease, so that we can enjoy our chat, our discussion.  I have been looking forward to you coming, as I love to chat about a whole host of things; mainly of the wall stuff, but human stuff.  Things that affect us on a regular basis, sometimes overwhelming stuff.  Not that I want to be heavy, no, no, not at all, but I think sometimes it’s good to discuss the bigger things in our lives, or just look at what is happening to others and how this can be a learning to us.  Sometimes I just like to mull things over, things that come to me on a whim, it that ok with you?

What, you don’t know me that well? No of course you don’t and I don’t know you either, which I think is a great place to start.  We are on a level playfield, don’t you think?  What is it you want to know? Ok, let’s just give a bit of an overview of me shall we?

It can be a big job, this overview, but I will keep it short.  How embarrassing would it be to have to wake you up?

I am writing this blog to share with you my interest, passion and drive, which is helping others to develop and become self-aware and satisfied or content in their lives.  I do this via counselling and hypnotherapy, and also incorporate Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), all of which are so amazing it blows me away the change I see in people on a daily basis, but also what I learn from the process myself; it’s a win:win situation (to quote My Old Man).

All of this gives me lots to ruminate on, mull over, reflect upon, whatever or however you term it, and it is this I want to share with you.  Clearly I won’t disclose anything about anyone.  I just won’t, but it is often a collective of my thoughts that triggers more thoughts and research, and it is that I will share.

I don’t want you just to sit in the chair and say nothing, oh no.  That would not do at all.  Please chip in, challenge me, share your feelings and thoughts, that way we can all benefit and learn even more.

Is this ok with you?  Are you warm enough?  Shall I put another log on the fire?

Still no tea or coffee?  What about a cheeky little glass of red?  It won’t harm, promise…………

Catch you soon.

D xxxx


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What Issues/Problems Do I See?

Anxiety, Panic
Low Confidence, Confusion
Low Mood, Relationships
Depression, Stress
Loss and Grief, Guilt
Bereavement, Fears
Anger, Burnout
Plus Whatever You Want Help With!

Where do I work from?

2 Lockton Court, Church Fenton, Tadcaster. LS24 9UT


Telephone 07784496017