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Bereavement Care

The death of a significant person or animal can be a devastating loss.  When someone close dies, the world can seem a lonely and empty place. At times like this it helps to talk things over with someone who will listen without judging or telling you what to do. Bereavement is something we all experience at sometime in our lives and each of us reacts to it in different ways.

My experience with the Bereavement Team at Martin House Children and Young Peoples Hospice, working to support parents and families who’s child has died, has enabled me to become comfortable talking and listening about death. Nothing is taboo in my sessions, there is no judgement, no expectations, just your feelings and memories. I am honest, sometimes direct but always caring. I don’t follow any rulebook; there isn’t one for grief, just allow you to take a lead and help you to take back the control you feel to have lost. Also, lets look at guilt! It is felt by all at some time.

It is important to remember that there is no definitive length of time for mourning, or a particular way you are ‘supposed’ to feel during the grieving process. The emotional, and often physical, difficulties felt after the death of someone you cared about are completely normal, particularly if they played an important role in your daily life.

I can’t make things better, I can’t undo what has occurred, but I can help you to know what is ‘normal’ grief, that you are not losing your mind or going mad. I can’t replace the person you have lost, but I want to hear you talk about them, bring them into the room, give you permission to behave how you feel you want to rather than how others expect you to. I will, if appropiate, pass on strategies which may help you cope with common situations in the early days. Prepare yourself for what may, or may not, happen in the coming months.

You can call, or if it is easier text or email, to make an appointment. Sometimes in grief you just cannot talk to a stranger over the phone; I understand.


What Issues/Problems Do I See?

Anxiety, Panic
Low Confidence, Confusion
Low Mood, Relationships
Depression, Stress
Loss and Grief, Guilt
Bereavement, Fears
Anger, Burnout
Plus Whatever You Want Help With!

Where do I work from?

2 Lockton Court, Church Fenton, Tadcaster. LS24 9UT


Telephone 07784496017