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Excellence vs Perfection

Hi, These last few weeks I have been mulling around the issue of perfection.  I am not a perfect person, and do not strive for perfection.  I envy, or have

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Come in. Sit down, lets get to know each other.

Hello, welcome. Please come in, do sit down, make yourself comfortable; no not there, unless you want to be counselled or hypnotised, and that may cost you good money!  That

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What Issues/Problems Do I See?

Anxiety, Panic
Low Confidence, Confusion
Low Mood, Relationships
Depression, Stress
Loss and Grief, Guilt
Bereavement, Fears
Anger, Burnout
Plus Whatever You Want Help With!

Where do I work from?

2 Lockton Court, Church Fenton, Tadcaster. LS24 9UT


Telephone 07784496017