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  • Take Control of Your Life!

    Do you want to make a major adjustment in your life, or review where you are and where you want to go? It can help to get an overview, another perspective using counselling and/or hypnotherapy. Give me a call to find out more.

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Does negative self talk bring you down?
Is life confusing; feelings of hopelessness?
Are you controlled by your anxiety?
Feeling depressed?
Do you feel emotions are too painful to deal with; too raw?
Is isolation and loneliness overwhelming?
Is your confidence low?
Do you feel you are undervalued in life?
Use counselling to unpick or unravel your thoughts to get you back on track; back in the driving seat!

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Where do I work from?

2 Lockton Court, Church Fenton, Tadcaster. LS24 9UT


Telephone 07784496017